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Newborn Photoshoot Investment | Understanding Pricing

Newborn Photoshoot Investment explained by two of the most common questions a lot of new parents ask or have on their mind.

Why are your newborn photoshoots so expensive?
Can you not just send me the digital files?

I just love this image of Amelia on the cute little bed, which all comes at a cost. Cost seems to be on the top of everyone’s mind when inquiring. Here is a breakdown to help you understand the value that goes into making 1 set-up from a gallery.

BED: £35

Newborn Photoshoot Investment | Understanding what goes into post poduction

The reason why photographers don’t give out Raw Files?

Would you be happy to receive the straight out of camera photograph above? After browsing my portfolio and liking my style to then seeing the image half finished. Photoshop is a wonderful tool and how photographers define their style.

Would you know how to convert a raw file to jpeg and resize it for printing purposes? Would you be able to edit the lighting, remove the harsh shadows, brighten up baby, soften the skin, sharpen the details, create creamy dreamy skin tones, or fix the background?

My images are not complete straight out of camera!

There are times where I’m not quite ready to take the image, but the baby decides to smile so I snap it quickly. Or the baby moves, and I lose the pose I have just spent 10 minutes working on as patience is everything! Or the lightening isn’t quite right as I move into different setups, they require different measurements and angles. That’s when the power of photoshop comes into play and creates the perfect image which all takes time.

Newborn Photoshoot Investment | Understanding business costs

My professional studio comes with monthly running costs. I am always investing in my business by adding to my prop collection, outfits, backdrops and pay monthly subscriptions for mentoring and training workshops. My prices include tax deductions, delivery and my time and talent as a BA Degree qualified photographer. 

All of this is factored into the price of your photoshoot, postproduction, viewing appointment and placing your order with my professional printing lab.

So please bear in mind when questioning my prices or trying to bargain with me. My figures are based on what I need to keep me afloat and earn a wage for all the unseen hours that I put into my business. I hope this post gives anyone looking to invest in newborn photoshoots some peace of mind on pricing with myself or any other photographer as we don’t just turn up and take your photographs, there is a lot more too it!


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